A Family with Restaurant History

Spag Burger is a family collaboration between Chef John Spagnuolo and his son, Chef Andrew Spagnuolo. Both are food gourmands and amazing chefs who love fantastic, great-tasting, fresh food. Father, Chef John, grew up in the restaurant business. Andy Spag Senior, John’s father, owned The Nugget in Royal Oak, a 24hour family restaurant. Andys Place in Royal Oak and this building that was one of the first AW restaurants in Michigan. John’s 4 older sisters, Georgia, Florence, Jennie and Andrea and brother Daniel, all worked alongside their mother and father. John’s love of food and dining experiences arose out of his childhood experiences and John knew since he was 5 years old he wanted to be a Chef. When he finished High School, he made his way to the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. He did internships in many world-renowned restaurants and eventually returned to Michigan to start his catering company called Creative Gourmet. John’s son Andrew began cooking with his Dad when he was 10 years old. The father and son duo have been working together for over 15 years. The Father-son team has a long history of creating fabulous dining experiences for thousands of clients. 

The Spagnuolo (SPAG) family has proudly been established in Eastpointe for over 50 years.  Andrew Spagnuolo (Andy Spag Senior) bought this property in 1968. It was one of the first A&W Restaurants in Michigan and the entire Spagnuolo family had a hand in running it. This was back in the days when bell hops ran food out to cars and placed the trays on the car windows. Mowtown hits played over the speakers and people ate in their classic cars and made great memories. As a kid,  John loved the homemade A&W root beer. They made the root beer in ice crusted vats on a daily basis. When they cleaned the vats, John would eat as much of the root beer ice as he could! To this day, he still loves an ice cold Root Beer Float! Spag burger has been inspired by the Spagnuolo’s family history in the restaurant business and the building’s history as an A&W. Great food creates great memories!