Frequently asked questions

Are your burgers cooked fresh?

Yes, our beef is ground fresh daily and each burger is cooked fresh to-order.

How do you cook your burgers?

Each SpagBurger has its own signature seasoning. We char-grill our burgers first then cook them on a flat grill to medium-well temperature.

What is Char-Grill?

Char-grill is a cooking method where you place food directly on a grill so the surface burns (chars) slightly to seal in the natural juices of the food and creates a flavorful crust around the burger.

Are you a full service restaurant?

No, we are a Quick, Friendly, Fresh Food restaurant.

Can I place an order online?

No, not yet! This service is in the works.

Do you take reservations?

No, we do not take reservations, our seating is first come first serve.

How can I purchase a SpagBurger T-Shirt, Hat and other SpagBurger Branded Items?

Currently, you can come directly into SpagBurger to purchase your “SpagSwag”.

Do you sell SpagsVintage Hot Sauce at SpagBurger?

Yes, we sell bottles of SpagsVintage Hot Sauce and SpagsVintage Ghost. Come in anytime to grab a bottle at the register.

How do you make your French Fries?

We hand cut #1 Idaho Potatoes fresh every morning and our fries are cooked fresh to-order so you get fresh fries every time.

Can I add SpagSauce to my fries?

Yes, you can add any of our specialty sauces to your french fry order.

What is in the AllStar Sauce?

It’s our homemade tangy sweet sauce with ketchup, relish and Spag Seasonings

What’s in the Zip/Spag Sauce?

A beef based au jus mixed with mayo and Spag Seasonings

What’s in the Samurai Sauce?

Blend of Asian flavors and Spag Seasonings.

What is the SpagBurger AllStar Club?

When you sign up to become a SpagBurger AllStar Club member, you get access to special coupons, promotions, events and more. Sign up Here